The main competitive programme of the British Alpine Rifles is centred in Switzerland, utilizing a variety of ranges located in some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. B.A.R. runs two major meetings a year in the Bernese Oberland, each of a week’s duration. These Spring and Autumn Championships include more than seventy pistol and rifle matches, covering a broad spectrum of disciplines. The pistol programme includes the full repertoire of ISSF cartridge pistol competitions, and a rich array of Police, Service, Pocket Pistol and Classic events. Old Bisley favourites like Advancing Men are once again on offer to British pistoleers, together with new courses on modern Falling Plates layouts. For riflemen, B.A.R. offers 300 metre standing, kneeling and prone slowfire courses and timed matches, both for Veteran and for modern manual and self-loading weapons, and (seasonal conditions permitting) long range shooting in a high alpine environment.

The British Alpine Rifles championships in Switzerland are supplemented by Summer and Winter Meetings at Bisley, shooting fullbore rifle events (TR and MR, Veteran, 3-P, Martin's Minute and Sniper), Gallery and LSR matches, and air and muzzle-loading pistol competitions. Throughout the year, too, B.A.R. fields teams for open and invitational meetings, in Britain and abroad; and every year its members return with a haul of medals and trophies from across Europe.

Weapons & Weapons Storage

The British Alpine Rifles has a selection of club guns available for members’ use in Switzerland, and advises its members on Swiss legal requirements for the purchase or importation of their own weapons. Club storage facilities for members’ firearms in Switzerland is available at £5 per gun p.a., or in a personal locker at prices ranging from Sfr. 150 (around £65) for a 40x40x40 cm. unit.